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Our IT Services

Compute Solutions

Through utility computing we aim to engineer infrastructure solutions for our customers that aids in processing their data which is powered by additional resources including memory, storage, network and I/O resources.

Storage Solutions

Lauren to make data storage and access easy and reliable, architects solutions for our customers by setting up compatible and ideal infrastructural system that assists readable access to servers and applications electronically.

Network Solutions

We construct a computer matrix acting as a link between cloud based and cloud enabled network that allows our users to build reliable cloud network by providing control, visibility and centralised management for enhanced connectivity and security.

Disaster Recovery

Our cloud disaster recovery services allows the customer to constantly upload back up data on a remote cloud-based platform with adequate server capacity to ensure high level of operational performance for easy retrieval and recovery in case of Cloud disaster.

Data Protection

With the belief of securing today for empowering tomorrow we shield our customers data irrespective of its location, status or management with the help of cutting edge data protection solutions. Lauren safeguards critical information from threats, including but not limited to, corruption, loss and compromise.

Database Sharing And Implementation

Lauren has always provided advancements in database sharing and the process of data implementation which are the primary aspect to a well functioning Database management system (DBMS).

Mailing And Archival Solutions

We understand that the immense volume of emails that an organization receives, calls for a very intricate mailing and archival solution. Lauren highly values that and provides solutions for Data retention, managing access and much more.

OS Implementation

Lauren comprehends the importance of well implemented, high level language operating systems and provide you the absolute for your organizations productivity.

Hybrid And Hyper Converged Infra

With all the integrated assigned activities of a traditional data centre, converged infrastructure is here to replace expensive hardware and with Lauren's expertise, decrease overall data centre complications and increase range of capabilities.

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