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Lauren Cyber Sec

Lauren Cyber Security has engineered advance threat prevention solutions that shields your data from 5th generation viruses. We are persistent in providing you next generation firewalls to keep threat at bay and securing your data today, so you can have stronger and more efficient business tomorrow. With Lauren CyberSec, your organization can enjoy the superiority of safety and prosperity.

Our IT Services

Perimeter/Network Security

To deliver high-end security and protection from potential zero day threats we install next generation firewall for fortification of data centre premises and cloud premises to protect the network.

Endpoint Security

We practise an Endpoint security approach in order to protect the endpoints connected to the corporate network from vulnerable malicious threats through solutions that prevents intrusion and possess remediation capabilities.

Mobile Security

Lauren’s mobile security solutions prevents cyber threats by identifying suspicious or malicious behaviour and protecting the devices by restricting access to the data until the user is authenticated.

Database Security

Solutions are precisely customised to ensure protection from internal and external threats throughout the spectrum by using security technology for comprehensive monitoring and analysing database activity with the help of network-based monitoring and native audit information.


Security operations are a very potent way of ensuring the protection of databases, websites and applications. At Lauren, we deploy SIEM solutions to help you log and monitor your entire IT landscape.

Cloud Security

Lauren deploys well established policies and control based technologies to prioritize data protection. We focus on Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and address misconfiguration while securing your cloud environment through virtual firewalls.

Application Security

Through Lauren's static code analysing and dynamic testing solutions, we help you to detect and fix vulnerabilities that an application might have at any Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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